Classical Ballet Program

7783244_sOur Classical Ballet Program exposes the student to the best of the renowned ballet disciplines. Incorporating these ballet techniques into the classroom instruction provides the dancer with the proper placement, alignment, and fundamental technique necessary to develop and grow artistically.

Students in our ballet program have the opportunity to perform alongside professional dancers with Dance Del Bello, a not-for-profit performing arts company in residence at PDI.


Children’s Dance Program

youth-dance-campThis program was designed after the Joffrey Ballet School (located in New York City) Children’s Dance Program. Training within this program prepares young dancers’ muscles and develops the coordination necessary for beginning ballet.

Dancers do a non-weight bearing floor barre, followed by creative movement with an emphasis on developing musical and motor skills. The excited, young dancers are motivated to dance and will be well-prepared for entry into the Ballet I class. This also prepares a young dancer for technique classes in Jazz at the age of 8.

Mommy & Me: Ages 2 and 3

Creative Movement:  Ages 3 to 4

Young Children’s Dance:  Ages 4 to 5

Children’s Dance:  Ages 6 to 7

Pre-Ballet:  Ages 7 to 8

Ballet I:  Ages 8 and up

4720668_sTeen/Adult Ballet: This class provides students with the fundamental technique for all dance movements by teaching placement, form, ‘center’ strength, balance, control, and grace. It is highly recommended that all students at Pennsylvania Dance Institute take ballet as it is the foundation for all styles of dance.

Contemporary Dance Program

Jazz & Modern:  Ages 8 through Adult

Jazz: Jazz technique develops strength, flexibility, coordination, and the controlled movement of each part of the body. These one-hour classes include a warm-up of stretching & isolations, center floor technique, and progressions and combinations. The style of jazz classes at Pennsylvania Dance Institute incorporate both the traditional (or Broadway) style and a more funk-style jazz to popular music.

Modern: Modern dance is a creative, expressive style of dance focusing on balance, center, and extension. At Pennsylvania Dance Institute we combine many techniques including Graham, Limon, and Horton.


Adult Dance Program

In this program adult dancers are offered classes in Ballet, Modern and Jazz. Cheryl Pento directs this successful program, sharing her extensive background as a dancer and choreographer, which allows the adult student to recapture their love of movement.

Open Class Policy:  The Pennsylvania Dance Institute extends an Open Class Policy for PDI alumni, college dance majors, pre-professionals with advanced training and  professional dancers for $15 per class.  If you are new to the studio, please call first.

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